Over the years we’ve heard some wonderful stories from parents of children with special needs (Down syndrome in particular). A few examples:

Here are some quotes from parents about Songeez and its predecessor, Readeez:

"To me, the combination of awesome music & clever lyrics & word-by-word cues makes it one one of the best early reading tools available. We have used Songeez since Jaime was 6 months old. It's by far her most favorite thing to watch and she hasn't lost interest in 3 years!"

"My son is 13 and has Down syndrome and autism, and strings many more words together when he's singing one of the Songeez songs than when he's just speaking. It's also helped with sight words, learning days of the week, and some behavioral challenges.”

"Kai has been watching them for about two weeks, and it was love at first sight. We have a lot of dancing and clapping. Modes of Transportation is a big hit.”

"My 3-year-old watched the Songeez a lot from about 14 months to 2 years old. Some of his favorites were Itsy Bitsy Spider, When I Dance, Just The Juice Jack, Everybody Clap Your Hands, and so many more.”

"Songeez is amazing. My son Sid has a dual diagnosis of Autism and Down syndrome and is very musical. He would learn all the way to college through Songeez if he could.”

"Sawyer is a huge fan of Songeez! He loves "How 'bout That Cow." He has started to mimic some words like "boo boo" and tries to sing along. We love it.”

"My son knows every single one by heart. They really hit our kids' strengths because our kids tend to be such visual learners and love music. This makes sounds visual.”