You Have A Heart 2019 PREVIEW.jpg

You Have A Heart

You have a heart
You feel it beating
You have a heart
It bears repeating
An this most amazing muscle runs the show
Whoa whoa whoa

You have a heart
Inside your body
It speeds up when
You do karate

Oh it pumps your blood like a big machine
And it’s tucked away where it can’t be seen
But there’s one in every human being
And I think that yours is really keen

You have a heart
You have a heart
You have a heart
Whoa whoa whoa

Michael Rachap: Piano, vocals
Marty Rachap: Vocals
Dean Jones: Bass, drums, backing vocals
Produced by Michael Rachap & Dean Jones
Mixed by Dean Jones
Mastered by Alan Douches

Lyrics ©2009 Michael Rachap
Published by Songeez Music Publishing (ASCAP)